2014. március 31., hétfő

nude lips

Hiiiiiiii :) I am sorry for being a lazy bum but we just had a wedding in our family and I was totally occupied with that. I will do a post on it, soon, so keep an eye out ;) But now I will continue my obsession with nude lips and I will 'introduce' you three of my favourite nude/pinky lip thingies.
The first from alverde and it's a bit of a darker tone of a nude lip pencil, but it's lighter than it seems :D. As you can see I used most of it ( thanks to a party...) but I am definitely going to repurchase it!

The next two are quite similar, they're from Avon and Oriflame. Both of them are like lip thingies, sorry I am rubbish at knowing/describing their names. Softer than a lip pen but the Avon one needs some lipbalm or something under it to work properly. Also it is a more coral colour while the Oriflame one is pinkier but I just love both of them. They're natural, spring tones that are easy to use, go with heavy or light eye makeup, so I definitely recommend them!:)

Tell me your favourite lip products! I want to try out some new:)
xx, Kyra

2014. március 24., hétfő

random sunday post...meant to be

I was so happy yesterday with myself that I will write a nice, chilled post about everything and nothing, but I started to watch harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets and fell asleep. I know...how lame, but now I am hear with my "meant-to-be-relaxed" post on a busy monday. 
So my sunglasses made their way out of my closet and now sitting on my commode, waiting for me to wear them. Seriously until today we had such great weather and now it's like october again :( So now I recall yesterday's great weather with my sunglasses!:D

The one on the back is my new purchase from I am. Also I did some more shopping ( okay a huge spring/summer session went down) so further OOTD and Haul pictures are coming ( yaay! my favourites!)

Also here's my buddy and my recent OOTD! I know such a hipster picture ( I told you it will be a random post :) )

Aand we got to the point of my latest Sunday ( yesterday, yes Kyra you can say it that easily...) I was in our garden for the whole day becasue the sun was shining, I'm really white, like I was locked away from sun fro a whole winter...and I was able to wear a skirt so no readon to stay inside :O I was learning history, sippin' on some pear juice and taking pictures. Loveliest Sunday I had, lately :)

Tell me random things in the comments, I'm ready for them with my Monday tiredness.
xx, Kyra

2014. március 19., szerda

#2014BloggerChallenge Random Food

Good evening! Today it's going to be another #2014BloggerChallenge post. It's all about food. If you've seen my instagram you can tell that I'm a foodie. That's why I chose to show you some instagram bits, shots about food and stuff. I love food and I love to capture them but I'm pretty rubbish at making them. The basis like toasts, tea, sandwiches and scrambled eggs are on my "menu" but other than that...well I need help...and my father is seriously the best chef I know, so I'm VERY lucky :D Also more than a week ago I had a school thing ( no need of details ) which led to meeting with an amazing polish girl and the first two pictures will be of some polish sweets she brought me and they are so delicious! I want more!! So maybe a trip to Poland? :D
Anyways let me know in the comments your favourite foods/sweets! Tell me everything, I'm so hungry :D xx, Kyra

2014. március 16., vasárnap

haircare routine

I can't believe I am finally writing this post. I know I promised it so long ago, but I was a bad blogger *slaps wrist*. However now it's here! And it perfectly matches today because it has been the most productive sunday of the last half year of my life, or so. And it feels so good, I slept so much but still I did everything I wanted so far and sunday hasn't ended:) - I know probably who cares, but anyways I wanted to share my pride over my skills of being able to maintain a perfectish sunday-. And what I'm talking about here is MY HAIRCARE ROUTINE. I hope this will be of some help to those who has ombre hair or just dyed hair. Firstly I use the head&shoulders shampoo and conditioner. One is in the ocean energy and the other is apple fresh kind. There's no particular reason why I use them, I just like the fresh smell of my hair thanks to these. After the shampoo and conditioner I use my Schwarzkopf Glisskur Ultimate Hair Repair conditioner or as I like to call my hair lotion. After you applied it on your hair you have to wait a minute and wash it out. And seriously it is MAGIC, it makes my hair so smooth and just...wonderful. I really-really recommend this if you have dyed hair!:) After drying my hair with a towel I spray the Pantene Instant Protection & Shine Spray that has a nice smell and protects my hair against heat. Last but not least if I just leave my hair as it dried or I straighten it, I use my Pantene Split End Mender Serum. It is kind of an oil that repairs or "nurses" the ends of your hair. I use it when my hair is dry but before I use the straightener. Oh and if you try it out, you don't necessary have to use so much, according to my experiences :) I hope this was of some help to you if you're looking for some hair products. Let me know in the comments what you use, xx, Kyra.

2014. március 13., csütörtök

essence matte lipgloss

Good evening or morning, it depends:) Now i will just pour my little heart out here and tell you about my recent favourite lipgloss that is the essence XXXL longlasting lipgloss BUT in a matte colour that is 05 Velvet Rose. It is so pretty and smells AMAZING- yeah that is an important property of it-. Well the longlasting part is the same like with the glossy ones, not true, you have to re-apply it. But trust me it worths because of the colour and the smell! :) I think that is my new go to spring lipgloss. What is yours? Tell me in the comments! 
xx, Kyra

2014. március 4., kedd

Garnier BB cream

Hi everybody! :) Today I am really hyper - I don't know why I just shared it with you but whatever- and here with a new post. It will be an absolute favourite product of mine, the Garnier BB cream Miracle Skin Perfector. I know BB creams are so not todays thing and there's already some kind of a CC cream but I just recently got my hands on the BB edition and I have to say: HOW DID I MANAGE TO SURVIVE WITHOUT THIS SO LONG? Okay let me tell you the story of me and the BB cream. My skin is not perfect, it's very far from it and I usually use a quite a lot of coverage..well that's not true, just in winter time, but I realized it's the worst time for my skin to handle that much of makeup as the sun is not shining throughout winter and my breakouts and dryness is worse. At late spring, summer and autumn it's fine when I have a tan, my skin is better and the coverage looks better as well. So this winter I jumped to the conclusion that I cannot do this anymore and I have to let my skin breathe, so I bought this. Well that was a long story :D I know it's not a foundation but I have to say it does miracle on my skin. It moisturizes, evens and covers a little bit my skin. There was only two shades so I bought the darker one as spring and some sunshine is coming, but it blends perfectly on my vampiry white skin too. I tell you if you haven't tried a BB cream you really should, it's amazing, well this one, for me. :D
If you have a favourite BB/CC cream from another brand please let me know! xx, Kyra

2014. március 2., vasárnap

#2014BloggerChallenge NAILS

So topic 5 of the 2014BloggerChallenge was nails. And I am all about nail polishes. I love every seasonal colour but now I will show you my spring essentials. I paint my nails almost every three days because I get bored with them but now I will represent the four most favourites - is it a thing for me?-. The first is the essence colour&go in the colour off to miami. It's a really nice orangy-pinky fresh colour and it's my absolute go to. It goes with the basic white, black and grey colours that I wear and it can really brighten up your whole look.

The next is a big trend, it's a minty colour from essence colour&go brand, the that's what i mint! one - see how brilliant joke they made there?!- whatever, I love this colour, and it looks great with a little tan!

Speaking of tan, this next nail polish pops out extremely with a great tan. It's a s-he product with the 'code' of 115. It's a clear white polish. But in my opinion you really need some tanning before using this.

And the last one is a nice, girly baby pink from miss sporty and I'm sorry I can't find the code for this, in the bottom it says 16 or 18, I really don't know. By the way am I the only one who loves when makeup/ beauty products have names for themselves? Even if it's ridiculous like the minty type, I like when they give names to the products. I hope it's not just me.

Anyways this was my post on NAILS for the challenge. I hope you liked it, let me know your favourite nail polishes for the spring time! :) xx, Kyra

2014. március 1., szombat

l'oréal eyeliner fail

Good afternoon people! As some of you might realized, I am always discovering new products. Sometimes because I get bored of my old makeups or sometimes I just hear to many good things about a particular one. Well this L'oréal Super Liner Silkissime eyeliner was kind of between. I got bored with my liquid eyeliner and I heard some great stuff about L'oréal products, so I thought I will give it a go. This eyeliner is quite creamy so I have to confess it didn't last all day long on my rather oily eyes. And on another day I used it in my inner corners and it totally made them itchy and a bit sore as well. I am still a bit angry that this product didn't work out at all for me. But I might give it another go, I think it deserves an "after the last chance". We'll see. Have you used it before? Or do you have an eyeliner that you really like? Let me know in the comments! xx, Kyra