2014. január 25., szombat

thoughts on ombré

Good evening! Lately I am in a big fight with myself wether I should keep my ombré or dye my hair back to brown or something like that. I wanted to write about this to share my experiences and maybe this way reach a decision. In august I told my hairdresser that I want to try a little bit of blonde, something like this:

Then in september I went back to ask for more of this blonde fun. It looked similar to this. It wasn't a lot but changes were needed in my hair routine. I had to keep the conditioner on my hair for 15 minutes after washing it, and I did it every time, so washing my hair became longer than it used to be other than that nothing changed.

I was gladly taking care of my hair but I still wanted that "Zoella kind of blondeness" in my hair, so in november I went back and they gave a lot to my hair, you could see how it looked like in my Christmas series, outfit and hair "episode" ( here and here ) .  Well now it was too much for me - I know I am horrible and nothing is good for me but that was how I felt it, I didn't want to go to school next day - but my friends seemed to like it and people complimented it so after a while I didn't worry about it too much. Now I am that kind of person who gets bored with anything very quickly and I think this happened with my hair as well. ( Nice one Kyra, you should have thought about it before you even started to destroy your precious hair ). I am still not sure what I want with my hair but on friday I had to go for a very much needed cutting and since then I like my hair better. It has a much nicer texture it looks nicer and just feels better. I am always surprised how much a small haircut could change your whole hair. Now I am doing a normal hair washing routine but I have a hair "cream" that moisturizes my hair, I use that always and I do the conditioner thing once a week. I have other products I am using on my hair occasionally, I intend to do a post about those in the near future :)

So currently this is my hair. As you can see ( or maybe not ) I have highlights because it gives a more "blended" look, and not just a strict line from where my hair is blonde. Tell me what do you think or if you have any tips or recommendations! Thank you :)

xx, Kyra

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  1. great ombre hair !!! thanks for comment my blog! i´m following you now, can you follow me back? thanks!
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  2. Lovely ombre hair, i think it's perfect for Summer!! :)



  3. lovely hairs ! xx

  4. Válaszok
    1. I was afraid to try out at first but taking this risk was nice:)

  5. Its looks nice now than before. The gradual "fading" to blonde makes the transition look better. I love Zoella's look! I would like to try a similar look but I don't think it would work for my skin tone and I have never dyed my hair before.


    1. Thanks:) Yes I am in love with that:D
      My advice would be that at first don't go all the other colour and also there are such nice shades of blonde, light-brown you can try out, the scale is almost infinite:) I encourage you if you want to dye it, just find the perfect colour! xx

  6. Its'a very beautiful blend of colors! Looking forward to reading about the hair product post!

    <3, Sandy L.


  7. I really love these hair
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  8. Your hair looks lovely, I had ombre hair for a while when I had it short, it looks better in long hair

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

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  9. Im a big fan of ombre!
    zoellas is probably my fave!
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