2014. szeptember 27., szombat

The Maze Runner

Yesterday me and a couple of friends went to the cinema to watch The Maze Runner. I have to say I loved it and not just because of Dylan O'Brien. Although he was the original reason to watch it :)
The story is about a bunch of guys ( and later one girl, Teresa played by Kayla Scodelario - in whom I could only see Effy ) who have been sent to a place with a Maze. They learnt how to live there and got the so called "runners" in their little society, who go out every day to explore the Maze- with the hope of getting out somehow through it- . As the protagonist, Thomas ( Dylan O'Brien ) arrives at the Glade, that's when the changes start to happen and everything gets exciting and adventurous. I don't want to spoiler more about the story, so I will stop here.
It has been a really long time since I enjoyed a film this much. In the cinema, I was gripping my seat ( and my friend's hand ) as the fighting scenes set off. 
However the most surprising thing was the fact that I surprised at the end of the movie. It hasn't happened to me in a really long time.
I have to say it's a bit similar to The Hunger Games but in my opinion a lot of films today based around the same topic so it wasn't a problem for me. So all in all I give the Maze Runner 5 out of 5 :D
If you've seen it, please share your opinion!
xx, Kyra

2014. szeptember 23., kedd

#2014BloggerChallenge tutorial...

I knoooow....I'm late with this. But it's here. Actually I didn't have the time to do a proper tutorial because I have to study and the natural light goes away so quickly..:( But here are some pictures to reminisce about summer. I'm sure you figured it out that I am a big fan of Zoella's style and this dress just reminden me of her. My hair is simply curled, and my makeup is just some purple,shimmery shades with a cat-flick and lots of mascara. I don't remember wearing lipsticks as it was a chilled out day. This is my tutorial, perfect for those of you who still have nice weather.
This makes me miss summer so much!!! But HEY be excited for autumn and the huge sweaters!!:D
xx, Kyra

2014. szeptember 15., hétfő

ebay brushes and new eyeshadow

Good evening ladies ( and gentlemen?...don't think so :D )! Today I thought we would hop back on the makeup road, and I think the perfect way is that I show my guite recent brush and eyeshadow purchase.
Now, I saw these brushes on the blog of the lovely Emily, you can check it out here, if you haven't seen it already. I am just obsessed with here style and the whole blog :) 
A couple of weeks ago I was in desperate need of some cheap but different alternatives for makeup ( especially face ) brushes, and these ebay ones are just the perfect solution. They came in a set of four and they're rather large for my eyes but with this new eyeshadow I got, they can work pretty well. 
So about the shadow, it is a pretty browny-beigey-bronzey colour that seriously works wonders. I can use the swirled colours one by one, precisely OR I can use one of my ebay brushes, just dip it into the shadow and "put the whole" on my eyes, and it still gives a transition that is not so harsh, but lovely for everyday wear.

I use these two on my eyes.

This is for concealing.

I use this for nose contouring and sometimes in the crease of my eyes.

xx, Kyra

2014. szeptember 2., kedd

#2014BloggerChallenge new beginnings

Yes I may have been a bit cheeky and abandon this challenge and I am terribly sorry about that. I have no excuses just simply being lazy. But now I will try to make up for it.
So this week is all about new beginnings. It may not be shocking but I will write about school. Yes it has started, yes it is horrible and yes I can't wait the end.
However this is not a regular school year for me because this is my LAST high school year. I actually don't know how to feel about that. Of course I am terrified from the exams I will have to take, but also a bit sad that an era of my life (  I won't say the best because hopefully there are more amazing adventures waiting for me ) will end, and I know that the last childish part of me should somehow grow up, I just don't know how to manage it...yet.
And I am excited to experience new things in life. I have no idea where I will be this time next year, but I like that I have options to choose from and imagine the life I might have in the future.

As all those deep stuff have been said, I will leave you here with my last proper "child school" stationery haul. Enjoy :)
xx, Kyra