2014. március 31., hétfő

nude lips

Hiiiiiiii :) I am sorry for being a lazy bum but we just had a wedding in our family and I was totally occupied with that. I will do a post on it, soon, so keep an eye out ;) But now I will continue my obsession with nude lips and I will 'introduce' you three of my favourite nude/pinky lip thingies.
The first from alverde and it's a bit of a darker tone of a nude lip pencil, but it's lighter than it seems :D. As you can see I used most of it ( thanks to a party...) but I am definitely going to repurchase it!

The next two are quite similar, they're from Avon and Oriflame. Both of them are like lip thingies, sorry I am rubbish at knowing/describing their names. Softer than a lip pen but the Avon one needs some lipbalm or something under it to work properly. Also it is a more coral colour while the Oriflame one is pinkier but I just love both of them. They're natural, spring tones that are easy to use, go with heavy or light eye makeup, so I definitely recommend them!:)

Tell me your favourite lip products! I want to try out some new:)
xx, Kyra

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