2013. december 31., kedd

the last day

Hello lovely people! :) I am sorry for not being active here but I am sure tomorrow with my nice new yeary hangover I will reply to everyone ;) But today is all about party! Everyone enjoy this night even if you didn't have the bestest year, make this night the beginning of the next year that will be amazing. I am not blogging a long ago but what I experienced here is amazing, you guys who also have blogs are amazing and you do such a great work! I am proud of being a part of this community. Beside blogging I didn't have the most fabulous year I went through heart-breaking experiences but I can say I had a sh*t load of great memories too! I hope 2014 ( with the Blogger Challenge which I am very excited about! ) will bring so much more, I say to myself and you guys as well that go out, experience everything and take the opportunities! I am sure there are others who were scared to do a lot of things like myself, but now there are no excuses! Make out the best of 2014! I wish to all of you a Happy New Year's Eve and we will meet in the new year! ;) Love you and take care of you! 
xx, Kyra

2013. december 26., csütörtök

winter skincare

Hi everybody! I hope all of you are stuffed with Christmas food. Because I definitely am :) But I am here with a new post, it's all about skincare. Since it's the winter time I take care of my skin more than usually. I use for my breakouts a special fishy cream that is made by my cosmetician but the other products can easily be found in stores I think.

This is my handcream from Avon, it's lovely.

This is my facecream it has milk in it and it's super moisturizing.

This is my lotion with almonds, I love it!

This is my cream with the fishy thing in it. It's stinky but effective.

What are your skincare products? Let me know in the comments! And eat a lot! :D

xx, Kyra

2013. december 25., szerda

outfit christmas series #4

Good evening! Hope it's not too late to my last part of the christmas series which is outfit, my favourite! This year I chose from black and white with the gold jewelleries because I like that very much. I actually wore the first outfit on Christmas Eve, so it's tested and working pretty well :)

This is a more girly outfit, the clothes here are either second handed or gifted to me so I don't know where are they from. But I liked it very much!!

This is not so girly but I love it I think it can even work for New Year's Eve. Oh and both the disco pants and the shirt is from Tally Weijl and the leather jacket is from Stradivarius. Hope you all liked my Christmas Series and again I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! <3

xx, Kyra

makeup christmas series #3

Hello everyone! :) Merry Christmas! I hope you all have an amazing day with your loved ones and a lot of food! I brought you the third part of my christmas series and it is about makeup. I used my routine for foundation and higlightind and that stuff but for my eyes I went for glittery - which I like for everyday as well - but pretty glittery. I took a lot of photos about the products so let them to speak instead of me. Also I took photos of a variety of products ( so more blushes, etc) just to "satisfy" more people, so if you like other colours that I used on my face then I hope this way it will be okay for you too. If you have any questions about a product feel free to ask in the comments! :)

And here's my face "naked" then with the finished look, I hope you enjoy it!

xx, Kyra