2013. november 22., péntek

nail polishes

I couldn't wait to make this post! One of my favorute beauty products is nail polish. I just love it, I have a lot of colours because I always like to try out new ones. My makeup table is seriously filled with them, now I even have to find a solution to store them better because there's too much now and I can't handle them:D Recently I bought some new autumn-winter coloured ones and a glittery, christmassy one may slipped into my basket as well. A few of them are Essence as the lipstick and lip pen I wrote about in the past and there's a S-he product as well. I wouldn't say they last forever or so long, but I realized I am not so lucky with my nails. They tend to chip faster than anyones but I bought an Essence top coat polish to try prevent this. I have to say I am not satisfied and my best friend tried that product too and it didn't help her as well so I think it's not my fault this time. However I won't give up finding a good top layering polish to keep my original polishes on my nails!

This is some kind of a very deep blackish plum colour, me and my mother use it all the time :)

This is a rather deep red colour, it seems like brown but when you put it on it is a mix of black brown and mostly red.

I'm so sorry I don't have a close-up about the glittery one but my camera didn't really want to work with that one, but I hope you can see it on the first picture! :)

What are you favourite nail colours for the winter? Let me know!

xx Kyra

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  1. They all look like gorgeous shades :)
    Elise - www.elisedopson.com

  2. I love Essence! <3<3
    Great post :)

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  4. pretty colors :)


  5. Great colors! I love that last one!
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