2014. március 19., szerda

#2014BloggerChallenge Random Food

Good evening! Today it's going to be another #2014BloggerChallenge post. It's all about food. If you've seen my instagram you can tell that I'm a foodie. That's why I chose to show you some instagram bits, shots about food and stuff. I love food and I love to capture them but I'm pretty rubbish at making them. The basis like toasts, tea, sandwiches and scrambled eggs are on my "menu" but other than that...well I need help...and my father is seriously the best chef I know, so I'm VERY lucky :D Also more than a week ago I had a school thing ( no need of details ) which led to meeting with an amazing polish girl and the first two pictures will be of some polish sweets she brought me and they are so delicious! I want more!! So maybe a trip to Poland? :D
Anyways let me know in the comments your favourite foods/sweets! Tell me everything, I'm so hungry :D xx, Kyra

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