2014. július 31., csütörtök

another Garnier BB cream

Hello-hello! Today I am going to talk about another Garnier BB cream that I am using now for a solid 1 and a half months. If you want to see my review of the other BB cream I own, click here!
It may seem a bit odd, that why do I need two BB creams of the same brand but I have to tell you darlings that this one is meant to be for oily skin type of people. So that's why I made the purchase in the first place.
It is lighter than the other, but also blends in perfectly and it almost gives you a summery bronzy glow ( or I just hallucinate everytime I use it :D ). However it is just as glowy as my other BB cream. 
As I tend to get super oily at summer, I need a lot of powder ( even repowder my face) but still it gives me coverage and it's very light, so perfect for summer.
xx, Kyra

2014. július 27., vasárnap

OOTD : the perfect summer jumpsuit

A while ago I was invited to a fancy birthday party. Don't get me wrong I like a champagny, Blair Waldorf themed party just as much as the "sitting on the grass and drinking wine from the bottle" types of fun so I was glad to have an event where I could finally wore my summer jumpsuit AND HEALS.
I got both of them from two different little shops, but as jumpsuits and wedges are the trend now I guess you can find similar ones anywhere :) Also my clutch is from H&M
I curled my hair ( loose and pretty ) and had a summery brown and gold makeup going on with some gold jewelleries.
I really liked this look, tell me your favourite summer outfit/makeup and pieces!
xx, Kyra

2014. július 21., hétfő

how I clean my brushes

Hy all :) I just learned a few months ago how it's best and most sufficient to clean my brushes. Before I would just hold them under water in like 3 times or twice a year. I know...that is really naughty.
But now I know, they need a little warm water with soap or shower gel, a lot of swirling and time to dry.
My brushes aren't so expensive so I don't do anything extra to them because I know I have to change them from time to time.

How do you clean your brushes? And what kind of brushes do you like to use?
xx, Kyra

2014. július 16., szerda

OOTD casual

The other day I had to run around town, doing some errands and I thought it would be fun to show you a comfy springy/summery outfit.
I wore H&M boyfriend jeans, with a tanktop from New Yorker ( beautiful elephant on it ). Also I wore some gold necklaces, H&M rings and sunglasses from I am. And a bunch of earrings.

xx, Kyra

2014. július 12., szombat

the foot cream

Way back when I was watching my mum doing her leg/feet skincare I always thought that I never ever want to do this in my life :D... well we are there right now, but I have a lovely product I can start building my feet skincare and that is from AVON, the foot works cream with silicone. I love the smell and it is pretty moisturizing but it hasn't done any wonders yet although I almost finished it, so I still wait for the bam ! I either have to repurchase it again or try something else.
xx, Kyra

2014. július 9., szerda

cat eye and sea salt spray

Hello my little lovebugs! This post I am making today is all about my promsies :D Because it features the Toni&Guy sea salt spray and all my makeup favourites ( along with my new essence bronzer that works wonders ) . And my new purchase from Avon, the Extra Lasting lipstick in the shade of Sunkissed GingerThe trick I used - to make the nice cat flicks - was coming from the beautiful and gorgeous Amelia Liana from liana-beauty, because I used post-its on my eyes to make a perfect line.

So this is me without makeup but you can see the loose waves the spray gave me, it's amazing. Oh and don't mind my Bradley Simpson shirt :$

And with the full-on makeup. I don't know what is up with the innocent poses :D

And yeah.. all that stuff went on my face....

I think I haven't introduced this nice palette from essence here, but it's my new summer fave!

The Rimmel Glam' Eyes liquid eyeliner can make a great, thin line. Also it doesn't come off easily.

The bronzer may seem a bit too brown and shimmery at first but it blends out perfectly.

H&M eyebrow kit is just WONDERFUL.

The  shade is pretty but you need to reapply it after a time.

xx, Kyra

2014. július 5., szombat

#2014BloggerChallenge Summer Bucket List

Next topic of the #2014BloggerChallenge, my SUMMER BUCKET LIST. This subject is pretty actual to me because this year I wrote a list about the things I want to do this summer. Here are some of them:
1) Get a job ( done )
2) Get my licence
3) Go on extra classes of Spanish ( I am on it :D )
4) Learn how to cook
5) Watch the sunrise and the sunset at least once
6) Switching books with a friend
7) Go on a road trip ( or just to a lake with a car and friends )
8) Go on a festival ( yaaaay hell yeah I'm going !! :D ) 
9) Doing more of the photography here/ even a video?!
10) Just enjoy it to the fullest, and have the best time before the crazy last high school year is starting for me :)

What are your plans this summer? Let me know! 
xx, Kyra

2014. július 3., csütörtök


Heeellooo lovelies! Today I want to introduce you my new weird friend: BALEA peel-off mask. So I bought it because I felt really "pamper-nighty" when I was sick. This product claims to be moisturizing and was made with apricots. Well when I first put on I almost fainted from its smell. It smelled like nail polish remover and it kind of irritated my face. So I was very scared that it will break me out, but fortunately it didn't and I could use it twice ( as the package says ) but I didn't make any changes, maybe I need to use more ? I can't decide either to do that or just try another one :D What is your favourite pamper night product? 
xx, Kyra

2014. július 1., kedd

new polishes

What a lovely day! I am here with a post about two of my most recent nail polish purchases. The first is a Gel Finish from Avon. I bought it because it claimed beautiful gel type of finish and long-lasting effect. For me it worked both ways, so I am really happy about it. It was on sale because it was just launched here and now I am angry about the fact that I ordered only one, and the price will go up, but anyways I need more of this bad boy. Mine is a pretty orange shade, which is so cool for summer ( sorry I am writing this in my garden and I forgot to check the name, feel free to ask for it :D ) and even one coat of it is enough.

And the other one is from Manhattan and it is the Lotus Effect nail polish. This I remember, doesn't have a name just a code for it, but I can tell it's a beautiful dark pinky/raspberry colour which I absolutely adore. I am on the hunt for a lipstick in the same shade so if you have any recommendations, please let me know! This goes on for a good 5-6 days and starts to chip but the thing that I like that one coat from it is enough just as well as from the Avon Gel polish. I think it makes the whole process quicker and dries quicker so that's why I love it! :D

What is your favourite polish for the summertime? :)
xx, Kyra