2014. január 29., szerda

everyday makeup

Hey lovelies! Today I will show you my everyday makeup routine. Although there are days I like to spice my face up (:D) or just keep it as simple as possible, this is what I use mostly. On my face I use my all time favourite Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer ( shade 001 at winter ) and the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation ( 200-soft beige ). Both used with my Oriflame brush. Also I use Avon's Diamond Sparkle/Shimmer face pearls and Astor SkinMatch Blush ( 001 Rosy Pink ) with my ebelin brush ( Blush Brush- Rougepinsel ). On my eyes I like to keep it simple and just use an eyeliner: Lovely ( matte ) and mascara: Maybelline Falsies and Catrice Better Than False Lashes. On my lips when I am not all about the colours I just use Manhattan Colour Loop Lipgloss ( in wildberry ). Sorry that my face looks rather yellow on the pictures but when I get ready in the morning there's hardly any natural lights and the table is not dirty, I just burnt candles there.. :)

Oh and my hair looks weird green, awesome (Y) :D. In case you're wondering, I didn't include my eyebrows because I want to do a whole post about the things I do to them ( this sounded weird..haha ). Anyways, tell me what do you use on a daily basis or what products you enyjoy specifically, in the comments! I would love to try out some new things :)

xx, Kyra

2014. január 25., szombat

thoughts on ombré

Good evening! Lately I am in a big fight with myself wether I should keep my ombré or dye my hair back to brown or something like that. I wanted to write about this to share my experiences and maybe this way reach a decision. In august I told my hairdresser that I want to try a little bit of blonde, something like this:

Then in september I went back to ask for more of this blonde fun. It looked similar to this. It wasn't a lot but changes were needed in my hair routine. I had to keep the conditioner on my hair for 15 minutes after washing it, and I did it every time, so washing my hair became longer than it used to be other than that nothing changed.

I was gladly taking care of my hair but I still wanted that "Zoella kind of blondeness" in my hair, so in november I went back and they gave a lot to my hair, you could see how it looked like in my Christmas series, outfit and hair "episode" ( here and here ) .  Well now it was too much for me - I know I am horrible and nothing is good for me but that was how I felt it, I didn't want to go to school next day - but my friends seemed to like it and people complimented it so after a while I didn't worry about it too much. Now I am that kind of person who gets bored with anything very quickly and I think this happened with my hair as well. ( Nice one Kyra, you should have thought about it before you even started to destroy your precious hair ). I am still not sure what I want with my hair but on friday I had to go for a very much needed cutting and since then I like my hair better. It has a much nicer texture it looks nicer and just feels better. I am always surprised how much a small haircut could change your whole hair. Now I am doing a normal hair washing routine but I have a hair "cream" that moisturizes my hair, I use that always and I do the conditioner thing once a week. I have other products I am using on my hair occasionally, I intend to do a post about those in the near future :)

So currently this is my hair. As you can see ( or maybe not ) I have highlights because it gives a more "blended" look, and not just a strict line from where my hair is blonde. Tell me what do you think or if you have any tips or recommendations! Thank you :)

xx, Kyra

2014. január 20., hétfő


Hi dolls :) I am sorry but I've just watched Keeping up with the Kardashians so I am really in the K spirit. And I am here with a new 2014 Blogger Challenge post, yes almost not on time. It's all about skincare. I did a blogpost about my winter skincare that you can read here ! But today I am here with a home-made recipe. It's a face and body scrub which I originally saw on the beautiful Annie Jaffrey's site here. She also made a youtube video so even I was able to make this easy mask. You'll need a lemon, a tablespoon of olive oil, same from honey and 1/2 cup of sugar. You mix everything together and use it on the areas you want to. My own face is pretty problematic but I found this working amazingly well on it. It makes my skin smooth for longer than a face scrub bought in shops and it doesn't dry my skin after I used it. But you have to keep it in the fridge otherwise it will go bad. I strongly advice to try this out, I think it's great :)

Do you have your own recipe? Let me know in the comments because I love trying out new home-made things!

xx, Kyra 

2014. január 12., vasárnap

lip products

Hello everyone I am here with a long promised post about My Favourite Lip Poructs ! Yaay :D So there are 6 products that I absolutley adore and used recently a lot.

The first two are from the brand essence and they are shiny lipglosses. The first is a light babypink colour ( 04, Rising Star ) that is great for everyday use and the second is a bright red with a hint of orange ( 021, Red Blossom ), ADORE it!

The third is a lipbalm which can also be used on cheeks but I only tried it on my lips and I have to say it does a great work on them. It's pigmented and very moisturizing. It's from Manhattan in the shade 001, Tomato Juice.

The next is a lipstick from NYC in shade 432, Red Rapture. I bought it to see if it's similar to the Rimmel Kate Moss 107, because it's not available here and I have to say I love this one ! It's so much better than the other NYC product I talked about on the blog, the Lipstain. This one is pigmented and surprizingly moisturizing.

And the last one is also from essence, it's a pink lipstick in shade 08, Colour Crush. I love the colour and it will be great for spring as well.

Those are all my current favourite lip products. What are yours? Leave them in the comments so I can check them out ;)

xx, Kyra

2014. január 4., szombat

New Years Inspiration

So hello everyone it's 2014 ! :) And I am here with my first post for the 2014 Blogger Challenge ! Yes I am still in time. So the first topic is New Years Inspiration. I did for myself a little collection of resolutions or promises that I should keep. I put them in an old paper holder and placed it next to my desk so I see it everyday and read it and just remind myself what I would like to do in the New Year, I like this easy idea and I hope it gives you some inspiration too. Don't be afraid to make any changes or promises, I know you can keep them!! If you want something really bad, you'll make the effort to get it ;)

xx, Kyra

What are your New Years Inspiration/resolution? Let me know in the comments :)