2014. február 17., hétfő

#2014BloggerChallenge all for the high street

Hey girls! Today's post is a #2014BloggerChallenge post again :) This topic was about high street or high end makeups, and we could specify our writings. I want to write about high street products, because I know them. I don't really own any high end makeup, because I change my taste a lot and I want to try out everything. I guess if you saw any of my makeup related posts you can tell that I'm a cheap gal if it comes to painting my face. It's just better for my purse and my mom's mental health. So now I evolved a pretty nice relationship with these makeup products but if I'm honest it wasn't always the situation. For a long time in earlier I was either getting an allergic reaction to them or just couldn't use them nicely. But I think the problem was my skin, it got better but I had to wait for it. And believe me it seemed for an eternity. Anyways nowadays I use them and I like them. Until I am not earning any money and I can't settle with a scheme I am pretty fine with this situation. Sorry for this being a bit more personal but now I don't have any special favourite or something, but here are some pictures of my makeup collection:

Let me know what are your favourite products!
xx, Kyra

2014. február 12., szerda


Yaaay flu has finally found me...anyways while I am sipping on tea and filling myself with medicine, tonight I am here with another mascara review. I don't know about you but I am a total mascara freak and I just have to try out every one of them, despite this I don't say it very often : I think recently I found a perfect kind. But what is more surprising is that I found it at Avon. Usually Avon is the brand that constantly disappoints me but I never give up on it. And thankfully it was the same with this mascara, I thought it worths a try. And seriously LUXE is one of the most perfect mascaras I have ever used. It makes my lashes longer, fuller, separates them nicely...it was love after the first use :) Its bursh is perfect because it is not too thick or long or short, and has a nice shape. If you can, - I really recommend you to - try them out! Also leave a comment if you have a favourite Holy Grail mascara, I want to see them and tell me if you would like to see a post about daytime and night time makeup with this mascara.
xx, Kyra

2014. február 5., szerda

BOOK - LA candy - #2014BloggerChallenge

Don't freak out, because I just did! :D I remembered I was a lazy girl and I almost forgot that I haven't done the third topic of #2014BloggerChallenge. But thank god I use my brain sometimes, in emergency . So my latest favourite book is LA Candy by Lauren Conrad. Well I have to admit that I bought it because of the pretty cover ( then came my old addiction for The Hills, etc ) and at first I didn't like the language of it. It's pretty simple and I read it in Hungarian - in my mother tongue- and you have to believe me it was pretty funny and not so serious. I guess in english it sounds better :) But I made through the first book really fast and I bought the second- actually that is a lie because I bought the second first and than the first...does it make sense? Sorry..I can't handle my thoughts- and I finished it quickly as well. I know these books are fictional but I am sure it is based on reality and although I am trying to be a more mature person since I am eighteen I have to admit I still like these easy, girly books and it actually took me in completely and it was a kind of book I just couldn't put down :) I recommend it to everyone who liked The Hills, who loved Gossip Girl books and who just simply wants something girly with drama, boys and parties in it.


Hi lovelies :) Today I am here with an outfit of the day post. Now that I dyed my hair blonde I tend to wear all black almost every day. I just love black and it looks really nice with blonde. This was my recent favourite outfit. I am wearing Tally Weijl leggings with black boots from a shop I don't remember the name of, a simple black t-shirt and my father's shirt. I am wearing small, silver coloured rings from H&M, my brother's watch and my Harry Potter necklace ( <3 ) from ebay. It pretty much seems like that I'm living in the clothes of the male members of my family..haha. Sorry for my ugly fingers and strange poses but it was extremely cold and we wanted to do this "shoot" as quick as possible :D