2014. június 28., szombat

face of the day

Happy Saturday to all you lovely faces! :) Today I tought I would do a new kind of post, a face of the day. 
A few weeks ago I decided that on an "errand doing" day I want to spice things up a little bit. So I went for really strong brows ( H&M brow kit ), red lips ( NYC in shade 432 Red Rapture ), matte face and almost nothing on the eyes ( Maybelline the falsies mascara ). I liked it so much, and it was quick, easy but still had a hint of singularity.
Tell me what is your go to makeup and how you spice it up!

xx, Kyra

2014. június 26., csütörtök

AVON - skincare products

I don't know if you remember my mention of an Avon order in my being sick post, but now I can finally start writing reviews about the stuff that I got. I will start with the three skincare products that I purchased. 
Firstly, from the Care "line", I picked two cleansers, both are a 3 in 1. The one with the blue lid ( :D ) is an oil control one, that claims to be a cleanser, toner and moisturizer all in one with echinacea and wheat germ oil. And the other with a green lid is a cleansing, soothing and hydrating milk with aloe vera and vitamin E. I thought ( maybe I am very wrong ) that since one of them is a milk I can use them at the same time. At first I recognized some more spots  but I didn't stop because I was sick at the time and took antibiotics so I couldn't decide what caused them. Then I went on for another week, and stopped to use it the week after, and now being back on track with it. I think this doesn't break me out so much, but I found it working better now, that I don't use it so strictly every morning and evening, maybe it is just too much for my skin. 
BUT both of them claims to be mosturizing and I still need my moisturizer after them, which is really creamy so the oiliness doesn't disappear fully. However I may encourage "the shine"  with the BB creams that I use, so all in all I am satisfied with these bad boys.

And the third product is from the planet spa "line". They had all of their face masks on sale, but I tried my best and did my research before picking out one. I have to say that I have a combination of oily and normal skin with dry patches/ phases every once in a while - so just a bit of everything, for being fun...:D - and that dryness - and the fact that I found the others either for having the effect of a younger looking skin, or too "much" for me - made me chosoe the one I chose. It is the Heavenly Hydration with Mediterranean Olive Oil. It is really hydrating and seems like you have a mask of water on your face. You have to leave it on for 20 minutes ( then it'll feel a bit heavier and warmer ) and wash it off with tepid water and it works wonders. Although the basic oiliness of my skin requires limited use of it ( around 3 times a month ).

I have to say I am pretty proud of myself because I am satisfied with everything I ordered, although it was a first for me, because before I never really bought anything skincare realted with having long thoughts about it in advance. And you'll see how my further Avon products turned out to be. Stay tuned for that ;)
xx, Kyra

2014. június 22., vasárnap

#2014BloggerChallenge CHEESE

Soo sorry for being late on the Meal topic of the #2014BloggerChallenge but I've been away recently and didn't have internet access ( I know..round of applause for still being alive :D ). 
For Meals I thought I would talk about only a food product, my all time favourite: Cheese. I know it can have not so healthy effects and it's not so diety but I just love it. In my opinion it makes everything better ( sanwiches, pasta, etc ), it gives taste to certain food, it is great in itself and being a kind of person who doesn't really like dairy products only cheese, kind of healthy and much needed.
Although I thought I would look more into the 'healthy types' of cheese and I found a site where they wrote about those. Some of them I've never eaten so this will be a challenge for me as well, beacuse I would like to try them out and encourage you to do it as well! :) Here's the artice: click! where I found out that:
1.) Cheese can improve your mood ( whoop whoop...because it's so delicious! )
2.) it can give relief from PMS symptoms ( much needed, am I right ladies? )
But it has some disadvantages that you can avoid if you look for the good type of cheese ( which are reduced-fat or fat-free).

Here are some types:
Blue cheese helps to amintain strong teeth.
Cheddar cheese helps maintain strong bones and teeth, may relieve PMS symptoms, and can help maintain healthy blood pressure.
Ricotta cheese is good for dieting as well as Cottage cheese that contains B12 vitamin too.

I think that if you eat the right amount ( even if it's not the fat-free or reduced-fat type ) you'll be fine and eat something tasty. I don't know if it's okay to make a whole post about Cheese but I just did that :D Hope you're having a lovely sunday!
xx, Kyra

2014. június 16., hétfő

OOTD for a not so hot summer day

Here where I live ( especially recently ) the weather is going cray-cray. One week it's so hot you can't leave the hosue, and now it's like freakin' end of September or something. So I shot this outfit in March or something when the weather became nice and I thought it matches this not so summery but still warm weather.
I wore a long, grey skirt from New Yorker and a crop top from Pull&Bear with some ' light ' leather jacket from Stradivarius. I added the sunglasses because I didn't wear any makeup - but it is useful in summer - and a skull ring from H&M. Also you can change the sneakers to some sandals or flip-flops or even boots as you like.
I like this outfit because it is comfortable and looks and really is effortless. Perfect to do errands, to meet with friends and just chilling.
xx, Kyra

2014. június 5., csütörtök

#2014BloggerChallenge - collections

The next #2014BloggerChallenge is all about collections. I thought I would insert some pictures of my makeup/jewellery collection. I love collecting pieces and it is funny to see what kind of makeup/jewellery phase I went through :) Oh and there're also some cheeky nail polishes!
xx, Kyra

2014. június 2., hétfő

being sick

Being sick sucks! Apologies for my not too nice topic sentence but that is the truth. And I think it is delicate from someone who is home for 7 days in a row now. I hate sickness, not going to school and falling behind, not being able to go to parties ( concerts ), and not having a reason for using makeup ( also not really enjoying doing it ) and just everything. The sore-throat, tonsillitis, back-aching, head-ache, fever and other aching body parts. I would be more gutted if the weather was as nice as two weeks ago. 
But I brought you some of my 'sickness essentials' to get through a day if you ( like me ) are sick in JUNE.
First is tea. I know this is not the real 'hot' tea - athough I'm sure you can heat it. But I took these pictures when I was feeling better so that's why is Nestea replacing real tea in a mug, what I usually go for beacuse hydration is really important. It helps get rid of the fever the bacillus and the pathogens. I normally drink water but after 5 days of hydrating, it's nice to spice things up a little bit.

Second is to have something that keeps you busy ( if you're well enough ) between two sleeps - because that's how you measure a sick day...eat,sleep, rave, repeat-. I like to use this extra free time to read and watch some series or films. Currently I'm reading Harry Potter all over again. If you've seen my Instagram you could tell I am a massive Potterhead. 

From my medicines I only captured my thermometer ( important to use it regularly! ) because that's the boring part. :D

And we finally got to skincare. Just before I got sick my Avon purchase arrived and I used plenty of it in my sick days so here is just a tiny part of my sick skincare. This time I was so much better ( thanks to Avon because the excitement over new products helped ) with caring about my skin around these times and I was more grateful than ever for my moisturizer and my lipbalm that I spoke about here in the past. And the newcomer here is a foot moisturizer ( Avon foot work ) ! Yes, I finally bought some ( and believe me I really needed it ) and it has an amazing scent to it. And I always think when I use it that in Mean Girls they said that Regina's face smells like footcream, well if they use it I would totally be okay with the thing! :D
Anyways do you have any holy-grail sick trick or skincare product? Let me know in the comments! xx, Kyra