2014. március 16., vasárnap

haircare routine

I can't believe I am finally writing this post. I know I promised it so long ago, but I was a bad blogger *slaps wrist*. However now it's here! And it perfectly matches today because it has been the most productive sunday of the last half year of my life, or so. And it feels so good, I slept so much but still I did everything I wanted so far and sunday hasn't ended:) - I know probably who cares, but anyways I wanted to share my pride over my skills of being able to maintain a perfectish sunday-. And what I'm talking about here is MY HAIRCARE ROUTINE. I hope this will be of some help to those who has ombre hair or just dyed hair. Firstly I use the head&shoulders shampoo and conditioner. One is in the ocean energy and the other is apple fresh kind. There's no particular reason why I use them, I just like the fresh smell of my hair thanks to these. After the shampoo and conditioner I use my Schwarzkopf Glisskur Ultimate Hair Repair conditioner or as I like to call my hair lotion. After you applied it on your hair you have to wait a minute and wash it out. And seriously it is MAGIC, it makes my hair so smooth and just...wonderful. I really-really recommend this if you have dyed hair!:) After drying my hair with a towel I spray the Pantene Instant Protection & Shine Spray that has a nice smell and protects my hair against heat. Last but not least if I just leave my hair as it dried or I straighten it, I use my Pantene Split End Mender Serum. It is kind of an oil that repairs or "nurses" the ends of your hair. I use it when my hair is dry but before I use the straightener. Oh and if you try it out, you don't necessary have to use so much, according to my experiences :) I hope this was of some help to you if you're looking for some hair products. Let me know in the comments what you use, xx, Kyra.

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