2014. április 28., hétfő

all about the braids

Hi lovelies:) Today I am here with a "never-done-before" post...it is all about braids you cheek y:D 
As I was hooked up on Teen Wolf, I had the chance not only to admire the boys on the series, but the gorgeous ladies, their style, makeup and hair. I think it will have a big impact on me in future post ideas, so lets get this one started! Actually the braids started from Zoella, then I saw it on Hello-October from Suzie and the boom came Lydia, Allison ( Teen Wolf ) and then the greatest "tutor(ial)" on Youtube: Cassie (she has not only Teen Wolf themed but any kind of amazing hari-tutorials and makeup as well). Eventually the braids came across me by just every living women on earth. Anyways here are a few of my recent braids that I am damn proud of! :)

So this was an easy milkmaid braid and I am serious when I say it was easy :) Excuse the ugly jumper. Credits to Emily from emiloue who has an incredible Lydia Martin milkmaid braid tutorial on her blog, you can check it out here! :) So simple, even I could "master it".

I was going to a party and didn't want to wash my hair so I just made an easy ponytail, teased the top of it and made a loose fishtail-braid at the lower half. Well the only problem was  that I got tired with holding my arms up as I braided:D

This one is a total Lydia inspired hairstyle. It consists of only a twist each side that turns into a braid and secured with some bobby pins. I don't know what was wrong with my camera, but I am kind of sorting it out, sorry! Also no idea why the sad face :D

And the last is a milkmaid one as well ( despite my early fear I fell in love with this hairstyle ). I seriously don't know what happened here to my camera...anyway, if you would like me to recreate these hair-styles step by step here on the blog just comment down please!:)
xx, Kyra

2014. április 20., vasárnap

just sayin...

Hello everybody! So I sat down here after lunch to write - as most of the times on the last day- my #2014BloggerChallenge post. Aaaand I totally mixed up next topic and this one. As I saw that today I should post a spring outfit -that I did like 3 days ago- I thought I don't want to "bore" anyone so I am so sorry but my previous post will be the challenge post. I know, I know I'm a mess, but I promise next post is all planned out so I won't get it wrong ;) 

And also I want to say sorry to Gaby who is the organiser of this whole brilliant thing, and I hope I didn't make such a big mistake :/

xx, Kyra

2014. április 17., csütörtök

in the woods

Yesterday my very good buddy (:D) and I went on a "day-trip" and we have done a lot of things. At first we went to a woods kind of place, well it is along a running track and when I ran there a few times, I recognised some nice spots to take pictures. So we headed out and take some photos.

This was Orsi's outfit. Vintage jacket, skirt from Bershka, shirt from zara, accesories from H&M and her shoes are Vans. Love it ;)

Okay so my shirt and earrings are from H&M, my skirt is second-handed. Also I wanted some pictures of my hair ( also makeup but we failed :D ) because it's so pretty and easy to do, it was inspired by Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf - see it effects the blog as well;)-.

Then we went downtown and visited a cool shop but silly me forgot to take pictures. Later it started to rain hevaily so we found shelter next to a synagogue which was beautiful. After the rain went away we headed to McDonalds and home. It was such a lovely day:) 

Tell me how you spend your spring break, I would love to hear it! xx, Kyra

2014. április 15., kedd


Okay horrible lazy bum is here again:D I am so sorry but I was just caught up on Teen Wolf. And I was/am so addicted that I had to watch all 3 seasons in kind of one portion, so thanks for bearing with me. Anyways here's a long-promised,picture-full post about a wedding that's happened in my family a few weeks ago. Let me just start with the fact that I have never been to a wedding before...okay that's a lie. When I was sixish I was a bridesmaid but I cannot remember so that doesn't count. But for this wedding I bought a nice dress in like 2 months ahead and I planned out everything, adding pieces, jewellery ideas on the way. And I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. If you follow me on Instagram you probably did see a few pictures, but I will insert some more here anyway :) Enjoy and tell me about your wedding experiences - I mean multiple if you were a guest...- xx, Kyra

Lets start with the invitation, well I think it was simple and pretty. It is green because the happy couple like a sports team that has the green-white colour going on.

My dress and necklace is from H&m, my watch is from Bijou Brigitte and the other pieces..I can't remember.

Our selfie game was..just incredible that night :D

No photos please..my brother was lookin' real good :)


My grandma and my father <3

2014. április 5., szombat

#2014 Blogger Challenge-Photos

Hi people:) I am here with a new #BloggerChallenge post. It is all about photos. So I will share a few with you here :) Also you can check my instagram here to see other boring selfies and stuff:D!
xx, Kyra

Taking some photos to a OOTD :)

First strawberries this year! YAAY

Wedding was so beautiful and fun

My new favourite chocolate ;)

Watching football.