2014. március 2., vasárnap

#2014BloggerChallenge NAILS

So topic 5 of the 2014BloggerChallenge was nails. And I am all about nail polishes. I love every seasonal colour but now I will show you my spring essentials. I paint my nails almost every three days because I get bored with them but now I will represent the four most favourites - is it a thing for me?-. The first is the essence colour&go in the colour off to miami. It's a really nice orangy-pinky fresh colour and it's my absolute go to. It goes with the basic white, black and grey colours that I wear and it can really brighten up your whole look.

The next is a big trend, it's a minty colour from essence colour&go brand, the that's what i mint! one - see how brilliant joke they made there?!- whatever, I love this colour, and it looks great with a little tan!

Speaking of tan, this next nail polish pops out extremely with a great tan. It's a s-he product with the 'code' of 115. It's a clear white polish. But in my opinion you really need some tanning before using this.

And the last one is a nice, girly baby pink from miss sporty and I'm sorry I can't find the code for this, in the bottom it says 16 or 18, I really don't know. By the way am I the only one who loves when makeup/ beauty products have names for themselves? Even if it's ridiculous like the minty type, I like when they give names to the products. I hope it's not just me.

Anyways this was my post on NAILS for the challenge. I hope you liked it, let me know your favourite nail polishes for the spring time! :) xx, Kyra

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  1. I don't have the patience to paint my nails so often, I usually change the colour once a week and when I'm lazy I only wear a base coat.

    1. Yeah, for me it depends on my mood. For example this week I don't wear any because I just don't feel like wearing :)