2014. március 24., hétfő

random sunday post...meant to be

I was so happy yesterday with myself that I will write a nice, chilled post about everything and nothing, but I started to watch harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets and fell asleep. I know...how lame, but now I am hear with my "meant-to-be-relaxed" post on a busy monday. 
So my sunglasses made their way out of my closet and now sitting on my commode, waiting for me to wear them. Seriously until today we had such great weather and now it's like october again :( So now I recall yesterday's great weather with my sunglasses!:D

The one on the back is my new purchase from I am. Also I did some more shopping ( okay a huge spring/summer session went down) so further OOTD and Haul pictures are coming ( yaay! my favourites!)

Also here's my buddy and my recent OOTD! I know such a hipster picture ( I told you it will be a random post :) )

Aand we got to the point of my latest Sunday ( yesterday, yes Kyra you can say it that easily...) I was in our garden for the whole day becasue the sun was shining, I'm really white, like I was locked away from sun fro a whole winter...and I was able to wear a skirt so no readon to stay inside :O I was learning history, sippin' on some pear juice and taking pictures. Loveliest Sunday I had, lately :)

Tell me random things in the comments, I'm ready for them with my Monday tiredness.
xx, Kyra

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