2014. március 4., kedd

Garnier BB cream

Hi everybody! :) Today I am really hyper - I don't know why I just shared it with you but whatever- and here with a new post. It will be an absolute favourite product of mine, the Garnier BB cream Miracle Skin Perfector. I know BB creams are so not todays thing and there's already some kind of a CC cream but I just recently got my hands on the BB edition and I have to say: HOW DID I MANAGE TO SURVIVE WITHOUT THIS SO LONG? Okay let me tell you the story of me and the BB cream. My skin is not perfect, it's very far from it and I usually use a quite a lot of coverage..well that's not true, just in winter time, but I realized it's the worst time for my skin to handle that much of makeup as the sun is not shining throughout winter and my breakouts and dryness is worse. At late spring, summer and autumn it's fine when I have a tan, my skin is better and the coverage looks better as well. So this winter I jumped to the conclusion that I cannot do this anymore and I have to let my skin breathe, so I bought this. Well that was a long story :D I know it's not a foundation but I have to say it does miracle on my skin. It moisturizes, evens and covers a little bit my skin. There was only two shades so I bought the darker one as spring and some sunshine is coming, but it blends perfectly on my vampiry white skin too. I tell you if you haven't tried a BB cream you really should, it's amazing, well this one, for me. :D
If you have a favourite BB/CC cream from another brand please let me know! xx, Kyra

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  1. For one reason or another BB Creams always look really weird on me - I think it's the colour. I have a kind of red-olive skin tone which makes it difficult. So glad this works for you though!

    Erin, beingerin.com

    1. Well yes it's hard to find a good shade since the range is not so wide.