2014. október 21., kedd

L'Oreal Super Liner So Couture

This product is wonderful! You know I've been on a hunt for a precise, thin, liquid eyeliner...well I found perfection. Of course when I didn't even look for it. So I saw, and I grabbed one immediately. Since then we're inseparable. It's a great BLACK colour ( not grey, green or other weird shades ), thin and draws a beautiful line, intensive after a few strokes and lasting. I recommend this to all of you cat-eye ladies ;)
xx, Kyra

2014. október 16., csütörtök

#2014BloggerChallenge Autumn makeup look

Yes! I am so on time with this post:D *proud pat on the shoulder* :)
This time I will show you my absolute favourite makeup look for the autumn time. I wear it almost every second day ( and not on every because of the lipsticks that I vary ) and loving it every minute and get compliments on it. It is easy to do and it's a nice comfortable wear. And yes I do realize I forgot powder bur after this mistake I started to use none, so I like it that way now ( because my skin is getting dryer ) but if I use any, it's the Rimmel Stay Matte in 005 Silky Beige.

I was using: essence and ebelin brushes
                  Garnier BB cream in medium
                  Maybelline Affinitone concealer in 03 sand
                  Avon eye palette in cocoa glow
                  Maybelline the colossal volume eypress "cat eye"
                  Isana lipbalm from Rossmann
                  Rimmel Kate moss 107
xx, Kyra

2014. október 10., péntek

#2014BloggerChallenge Rimmel Kate Moss 107

I've seen this  on so many girls ( including Zoella ) and heard so many good things about this lipstick, that I knew I had to get it. Yes, this is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick, the holy 107. I guess for most of you this is nothing new, but those  who haven't heard about it I have to tell ( I don't know how many hundredth I am :D ) it is AMAZING. For autumn this is the perfect plumy-burgundy , but I was drawn to it because I could see how this can be transferred to any season of the year ( through Zoe ). I have to admit it looks different on me but now that I thought of it I think it is the same with every shade on every single person :)

Yes it goes perfectly with my room as well ;)
xx, Kyra

2014. október 7., kedd

the boots #1

So I might have a bit of a boot obsession. In these "series" I will "introduce" them to you. This first piece is from CCC. It has a teeny-tiny heel ( but it's totally comfortable ), it's black with a buckle on the side and everything is black ( despite the dirt patches I collected :D ). I just love it, it's simple, goes with everything, but gives a feminine touch to every outfit I wear.

Do you have a favourite autumn piece/ boots? 
xx, Kyra