2014. július 31., csütörtök

another Garnier BB cream

Hello-hello! Today I am going to talk about another Garnier BB cream that I am using now for a solid 1 and a half months. If you want to see my review of the other BB cream I own, click here!
It may seem a bit odd, that why do I need two BB creams of the same brand but I have to tell you darlings that this one is meant to be for oily skin type of people. So that's why I made the purchase in the first place.
It is lighter than the other, but also blends in perfectly and it almost gives you a summery bronzy glow ( or I just hallucinate everytime I use it :D ). However it is just as glowy as my other BB cream. 
As I tend to get super oily at summer, I need a lot of powder ( even repowder my face) but still it gives me coverage and it's very light, so perfect for summer.
xx, Kyra

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