2014. július 1., kedd

new polishes

What a lovely day! I am here with a post about two of my most recent nail polish purchases. The first is a Gel Finish from Avon. I bought it because it claimed beautiful gel type of finish and long-lasting effect. For me it worked both ways, so I am really happy about it. It was on sale because it was just launched here and now I am angry about the fact that I ordered only one, and the price will go up, but anyways I need more of this bad boy. Mine is a pretty orange shade, which is so cool for summer ( sorry I am writing this in my garden and I forgot to check the name, feel free to ask for it :D ) and even one coat of it is enough.

And the other one is from Manhattan and it is the Lotus Effect nail polish. This I remember, doesn't have a name just a code for it, but I can tell it's a beautiful dark pinky/raspberry colour which I absolutely adore. I am on the hunt for a lipstick in the same shade so if you have any recommendations, please let me know! This goes on for a good 5-6 days and starts to chip but the thing that I like that one coat from it is enough just as well as from the Avon Gel polish. I think it makes the whole process quicker and dries quicker so that's why I love it! :D

What is your favourite polish for the summertime? :)
xx, Kyra

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