2014. július 5., szombat

#2014BloggerChallenge Summer Bucket List

Next topic of the #2014BloggerChallenge, my SUMMER BUCKET LIST. This subject is pretty actual to me because this year I wrote a list about the things I want to do this summer. Here are some of them:
1) Get a job ( done )
2) Get my licence
3) Go on extra classes of Spanish ( I am on it :D )
4) Learn how to cook
5) Watch the sunrise and the sunset at least once
6) Switching books with a friend
7) Go on a road trip ( or just to a lake with a car and friends )
8) Go on a festival ( yaaaay hell yeah I'm going !! :D ) 
9) Doing more of the photography here/ even a video?!
10) Just enjoy it to the fullest, and have the best time before the crazy last high school year is starting for me :)

What are your plans this summer? Let me know! 
xx, Kyra

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