2014. június 2., hétfő

being sick

Being sick sucks! Apologies for my not too nice topic sentence but that is the truth. And I think it is delicate from someone who is home for 7 days in a row now. I hate sickness, not going to school and falling behind, not being able to go to parties ( concerts ), and not having a reason for using makeup ( also not really enjoying doing it ) and just everything. The sore-throat, tonsillitis, back-aching, head-ache, fever and other aching body parts. I would be more gutted if the weather was as nice as two weeks ago. 
But I brought you some of my 'sickness essentials' to get through a day if you ( like me ) are sick in JUNE.
First is tea. I know this is not the real 'hot' tea - athough I'm sure you can heat it. But I took these pictures when I was feeling better so that's why is Nestea replacing real tea in a mug, what I usually go for beacuse hydration is really important. It helps get rid of the fever the bacillus and the pathogens. I normally drink water but after 5 days of hydrating, it's nice to spice things up a little bit.

Second is to have something that keeps you busy ( if you're well enough ) between two sleeps - because that's how you measure a sick day...eat,sleep, rave, repeat-. I like to use this extra free time to read and watch some series or films. Currently I'm reading Harry Potter all over again. If you've seen my Instagram you could tell I am a massive Potterhead. 

From my medicines I only captured my thermometer ( important to use it regularly! ) because that's the boring part. :D

And we finally got to skincare. Just before I got sick my Avon purchase arrived and I used plenty of it in my sick days so here is just a tiny part of my sick skincare. This time I was so much better ( thanks to Avon because the excitement over new products helped ) with caring about my skin around these times and I was more grateful than ever for my moisturizer and my lipbalm that I spoke about here in the past. And the newcomer here is a foot moisturizer ( Avon foot work ) ! Yes, I finally bought some ( and believe me I really needed it ) and it has an amazing scent to it. And I always think when I use it that in Mean Girls they said that Regina's face smells like footcream, well if they use it I would totally be okay with the thing! :D
Anyways do you have any holy-grail sick trick or skincare product? Let me know in the comments! xx, Kyra

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