2014. június 16., hétfő

OOTD for a not so hot summer day

Here where I live ( especially recently ) the weather is going cray-cray. One week it's so hot you can't leave the hosue, and now it's like freakin' end of September or something. So I shot this outfit in March or something when the weather became nice and I thought it matches this not so summery but still warm weather.
I wore a long, grey skirt from New Yorker and a crop top from Pull&Bear with some ' light ' leather jacket from Stradivarius. I added the sunglasses because I didn't wear any makeup - but it is useful in summer - and a skull ring from H&M. Also you can change the sneakers to some sandals or flip-flops or even boots as you like.
I like this outfit because it is comfortable and looks and really is effortless. Perfect to do errands, to meet with friends and just chilling.
xx, Kyra

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