2014. június 22., vasárnap

#2014BloggerChallenge CHEESE

Soo sorry for being late on the Meal topic of the #2014BloggerChallenge but I've been away recently and didn't have internet access ( I know..round of applause for still being alive :D ). 
For Meals I thought I would talk about only a food product, my all time favourite: Cheese. I know it can have not so healthy effects and it's not so diety but I just love it. In my opinion it makes everything better ( sanwiches, pasta, etc ), it gives taste to certain food, it is great in itself and being a kind of person who doesn't really like dairy products only cheese, kind of healthy and much needed.
Although I thought I would look more into the 'healthy types' of cheese and I found a site where they wrote about those. Some of them I've never eaten so this will be a challenge for me as well, beacuse I would like to try them out and encourage you to do it as well! :) Here's the artice: click! where I found out that:
1.) Cheese can improve your mood ( whoop whoop...because it's so delicious! )
2.) it can give relief from PMS symptoms ( much needed, am I right ladies? )
But it has some disadvantages that you can avoid if you look for the good type of cheese ( which are reduced-fat or fat-free).

Here are some types:
Blue cheese helps to amintain strong teeth.
Cheddar cheese helps maintain strong bones and teeth, may relieve PMS symptoms, and can help maintain healthy blood pressure.
Ricotta cheese is good for dieting as well as Cottage cheese that contains B12 vitamin too.

I think that if you eat the right amount ( even if it's not the fat-free or reduced-fat type ) you'll be fine and eat something tasty. I don't know if it's okay to make a whole post about Cheese but I just did that :D Hope you're having a lovely sunday!
xx, Kyra

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