2014. május 31., szombat

toni&guy casual sea salt spray

I may be late to this trend but I have to make a post about the Toni&Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray. I discovered sea salt sprays last year ( through Zoella ) but at first I figured it's easier to make it at home. Well it didn't quite work out - maybe wrong 'how to' video or something else, I dont know..- but this year as spring hit in here pretty heavy and summer is just around the corner, I thought 'Why not buying a good spray?'. Well at first I had really mixed feelings. It wasn't doing much to my ponytail just left it wet and then my "clean-enough" hair, too dry. Now I know, I needed some special factors to make this work, and in 2 weeks I gathered them :D First I realized I didn't use hairspray ( -.- ) 'Good one there Kyra, not amateur at all..' Then I watched Zoe's video when she does several hairstyles ( here ) and I saw that it's better to apply some before doing the ponytail. Factor numero 3 was that I need a hair that is more "used" than only 2 days. And now what it does to my hair is great, although I still think if I had longer hair I could pull this off better, but that's a thing I can't change so quickly. I will have a makeup post where I used this baby on my hair so you'll see it in action ;)
Do you have a sea salt spray, or any other texturising product that you love? Tell me in the comments! xx, Kyra

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