2014. május 27., kedd

mascara - recent favourite -

Helloo everybody! I know, being lazy again, but we're getting towards the end of school and it is just hectic over there. However I am trying to make a new agenda for myself and be more productive! 
Anyways todays post. I don't know if I have mentioned that I am quite a mascara girl. ( WOAH what a suprise..) And I just repurchased an old favourite. I think if you're not new to the beauty blogging/vlogging world you'll be like: What a bore! But I just have to praise this : Maybelline The Falsies ! Yes yes yes! I love the packaging, the brush, the substance of it and it has a nice price, so what more a girl can ask for?! 
Maybelline has a lot of mascaras but I prefer this over the others because of the shape and "curliness" of the wand. I just found it working amazingly, creating curls just as well as volume.

xx, Kyra

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