2014. szeptember 23., kedd

#2014BloggerChallenge tutorial...

I knoooow....I'm late with this. But it's here. Actually I didn't have the time to do a proper tutorial because I have to study and the natural light goes away so quickly..:( But here are some pictures to reminisce about summer. I'm sure you figured it out that I am a big fan of Zoella's style and this dress just reminden me of her. My hair is simply curled, and my makeup is just some purple,shimmery shades with a cat-flick and lots of mascara. I don't remember wearing lipsticks as it was a chilled out day. This is my tutorial, perfect for those of you who still have nice weather.
This makes me miss summer so much!!! But HEY be excited for autumn and the huge sweaters!!:D
xx, Kyra

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