2014. szeptember 15., hétfő

ebay brushes and new eyeshadow

Good evening ladies ( and gentlemen?...don't think so :D )! Today I thought we would hop back on the makeup road, and I think the perfect way is that I show my guite recent brush and eyeshadow purchase.
Now, I saw these brushes on the blog of the lovely Emily, you can check it out here, if you haven't seen it already. I am just obsessed with here style and the whole blog :) 
A couple of weeks ago I was in desperate need of some cheap but different alternatives for makeup ( especially face ) brushes, and these ebay ones are just the perfect solution. They came in a set of four and they're rather large for my eyes but with this new eyeshadow I got, they can work pretty well. 
So about the shadow, it is a pretty browny-beigey-bronzey colour that seriously works wonders. I can use the swirled colours one by one, precisely OR I can use one of my ebay brushes, just dip it into the shadow and "put the whole" on my eyes, and it still gives a transition that is not so harsh, but lovely for everyday wear.

I use these two on my eyes.

This is for concealing.

I use this for nose contouring and sometimes in the crease of my eyes.

xx, Kyra

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