2014. május 18., vasárnap

#2014BloggerChallenge the perks of being an ombre

Hey there! :) I am SOOO sorry for the short hiatus that happened here, I was just a little busy bee with everything else. However I didn't want to "forget" or postpone this topic of the #2014BloggerChallenge, which is hair. Yes if you scroll down a little you'll see that I recently did a hair post ( seriously like a fortune-teller or something! ), but anyways I am attempting an other one as well. It'll be a more chatty thing. I would like to talk about being an ombre. And I don't mean the constant battle if I should dye it back, but more the connection with outfits. Since the 3/4 of my hair is blonde, I can wear more black and dark colours ( even on full). I don't want to say when someone has dark hair they can't wear black, but I think the contrast is better. And it saved me from so many pain and misery that when I went out, and didn't have the time to put together accessories, I could just put on a black dress with my leather jacket, brush out my hair and I was good to go. I just LOVED it! 
On the other hand now we're almost at the end of spring and going to summer. When summer, I tend to wear more white and some colours, so I am still debating if for the summer I should go back to brown or not? Please help me with some comments, what's your opinion, what should I do? Because wearing colours and having two-coloured hair is too much for me, but I still get compliments, so I am really confused. Whatever :D I don't know if this post was of some help to you, but I just thought I will sit here and type a bit about my hair:)
xx, Kyra

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