2014. április 20., vasárnap

just sayin...

Hello everybody! So I sat down here after lunch to write - as most of the times on the last day- my #2014BloggerChallenge post. Aaaand I totally mixed up next topic and this one. As I saw that today I should post a spring outfit -that I did like 3 days ago- I thought I don't want to "bore" anyone so I am so sorry but my previous post will be the challenge post. I know, I know I'm a mess, but I promise next post is all planned out so I won't get it wrong ;) 

And also I want to say sorry to Gaby who is the organiser of this whole brilliant thing, and I hope I didn't make such a big mistake :/

xx, Kyra

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  1. Brilliant post - as usual! Bloggers like you deserve high praise!
    You do a great job! Thank you that I had the opportunity to meet you,
    the work you do is very important to me. Talk to you soon honey!

    Katherine Unique