2014. április 15., kedd


Okay horrible lazy bum is here again:D I am so sorry but I was just caught up on Teen Wolf. And I was/am so addicted that I had to watch all 3 seasons in kind of one portion, so thanks for bearing with me. Anyways here's a long-promised,picture-full post about a wedding that's happened in my family a few weeks ago. Let me just start with the fact that I have never been to a wedding before...okay that's a lie. When I was sixish I was a bridesmaid but I cannot remember so that doesn't count. But for this wedding I bought a nice dress in like 2 months ahead and I planned out everything, adding pieces, jewellery ideas on the way. And I have to say I'm pretty satisfied with the outcome. If you follow me on Instagram you probably did see a few pictures, but I will insert some more here anyway :) Enjoy and tell me about your wedding experiences - I mean multiple if you were a guest...- xx, Kyra

Lets start with the invitation, well I think it was simple and pretty. It is green because the happy couple like a sports team that has the green-white colour going on.

My dress and necklace is from H&m, my watch is from Bijou Brigitte and the other pieces..I can't remember.

Our selfie game was..just incredible that night :D

No photos please..my brother was lookin' real good :)


My grandma and my father <3

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