2014. január 29., szerda

everyday makeup

Hey lovelies! Today I will show you my everyday makeup routine. Although there are days I like to spice my face up (:D) or just keep it as simple as possible, this is what I use mostly. On my face I use my all time favourite Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer ( shade 001 at winter ) and the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation ( 200-soft beige ). Both used with my Oriflame brush. Also I use Avon's Diamond Sparkle/Shimmer face pearls and Astor SkinMatch Blush ( 001 Rosy Pink ) with my ebelin brush ( Blush Brush- Rougepinsel ). On my eyes I like to keep it simple and just use an eyeliner: Lovely ( matte ) and mascara: Maybelline Falsies and Catrice Better Than False Lashes. On my lips when I am not all about the colours I just use Manhattan Colour Loop Lipgloss ( in wildberry ). Sorry that my face looks rather yellow on the pictures but when I get ready in the morning there's hardly any natural lights and the table is not dirty, I just burnt candles there.. :)

Oh and my hair looks weird green, awesome (Y) :D. In case you're wondering, I didn't include my eyebrows because I want to do a whole post about the things I do to them ( this sounded weird..haha ). Anyways, tell me what do you use on a daily basis or what products you enyjoy specifically, in the comments! I would love to try out some new things :)

xx, Kyra

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  1. I don't have much time in the morning to do my make up so I only use a base + powder and mascara. If I have more time I'll do my eyebrows and put on some liner or eyeshadow. I don't usually wear blush or bronzer on a daily basis, I'm always running late, lol.

    1. Yes when I do everything I always end up running after the bus..haha :D

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  4. oh I think I have the same blush by Astor and the shade is so pretty!:)♥


  5. You're hair looks so cool, you should definitely dye it this colour ;)
    Your make-up routine is great! I used this foundation for ages before switching to No.7. Its great isnt it?
    Kelly from | Day Dreams & Daisy Chains