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Hello everyone :) I am trying to keep this blog interesting and I try to include every kind of topic that I can relate to and I hope you like it. I want to point out that I received my first comments ever and thank you for that so much, it feels good that people actually read what I write. 
Now lets get on to the main topic of this post which is CANDLES. I am obsessed with candles that have special scents. Vanilla is my absolute, all time favourite but recently I bought some other nice smelling ones. The first I found very good is with apple and cinnamon, and I absolutely love the deep red colour of it that matches with my room. Athough in the last picture it seems more of an orange colour, that is just the lighting.
I've tried these out and I like that they don't have a very strong smell ( the very strong ones make my head ache ) but you have to use at least three if you want to smell something.

The next three are vanilla, christmas biscuit and some unknown scent, but I like it very much. Vanilla is the winning and gives a very remarkable odour to my room. Yesterday even my parents and brother came in my room several times to just "smell around" :D. 

I haven't tried the christmas biscuit ones but smelling them withing the package they are delicious, I can't wait to open them up!

This last one caught my eyes because of the owls on it and the pretty colours it has, but the smell is amazing too. I am sorry I don't know what it is, and it is not written on it but it's some kind of fruit and spice, just amazingly delicious :)

Oh and I also bought some sconces, little "holders" for my candles. They are simple,  square and transparent. 

I purchased everything from DM ( I linked the German site for it ).

What is your favourite candle scent? Let me know so I can try out some new ones! :)
xx Kyra

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  1. All these candles sound so nice! I wish I new more about which are good/smell nice. I really need to get into candles :D



    1. They really are!:) Well trying is everything and it depends on what smells you like:D but yeah I totally recommend trying some out, go ahead you won't regret ! :)