2014. december 18., csütörtök

#holidayhint : nails

I know Christmas is super close now but I thought I would still carry out my series this year. The new name is #holidayhint and firstly I would like to talk about nail polishes that are fit for this time of the year.
The first nice burgundy-toned red is from Avon, called Cherry Jubilee. I saw one of my friends, Orsi wearing this and I was sold. It looked really nice and I spotted that it can be worn all year around. It's nice at spring/summer. With more than one layer in autumn and it's perfect for winter-time as well, I am wearing it right now.

The second is a red from s-he, 190. I think with a basic red you can never go wrong.

The next is a gold one from s-he, 320. If you feel like you can wear it on its own or with the red mentioned above ( on the ring finger ).

And the last one is from Avon, called Rose Golden. It's a nice oringy-rosegold colour that I think is cute, good for Christmas and even for New Year's Eve as well.

What are your favourite nail colours for this season?
xx, Kyra

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  1. Looks like such amazing products, love the shiny one. Great blog & would you
    like to follow each other on GFC, Google+ & Bloglovin? Lemme know & lets
    keep in touch!