2014. február 12., szerda


Yaaay flu has finally found me...anyways while I am sipping on tea and filling myself with medicine, tonight I am here with another mascara review. I don't know about you but I am a total mascara freak and I just have to try out every one of them, despite this I don't say it very often : I think recently I found a perfect kind. But what is more surprising is that I found it at Avon. Usually Avon is the brand that constantly disappoints me but I never give up on it. And thankfully it was the same with this mascara, I thought it worths a try. And seriously LUXE is one of the most perfect mascaras I have ever used. It makes my lashes longer, fuller, separates them nicely...it was love after the first use :) Its bursh is perfect because it is not too thick or long or short, and has a nice shape. If you can, - I really recommend you to - try them out! Also leave a comment if you have a favourite Holy Grail mascara, I want to see them and tell me if you would like to see a post about daytime and night time makeup with this mascara.
xx, Kyra

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