2013. december 25., szerda

outfit christmas series #4

Good evening! Hope it's not too late to my last part of the christmas series which is outfit, my favourite! This year I chose from black and white with the gold jewelleries because I like that very much. I actually wore the first outfit on Christmas Eve, so it's tested and working pretty well :)

This is a more girly outfit, the clothes here are either second handed or gifted to me so I don't know where are they from. But I liked it very much!!

This is not so girly but I love it I think it can even work for New Year's Eve. Oh and both the disco pants and the shirt is from Tally Weijl and the leather jacket is from Stradivarius. Hope you all liked my Christmas Series and again I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! <3

xx, Kyra

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