2013. december 22., vasárnap

fail and favourite

Helloooo everybody! The Holidays officially started, I am so happy and excited. Although it's a time for me to relax in everyday life, it's a time to work really hard on the blog. I felt so bad that because of school and before christmas craziness I couldn't post much the last two weeks, that I scheduled myself fully for the winter break. I have a lot of post ideas and a lot of photographic work that has to be done, so don't worry everything is planned, I will hopefully flood you with posts :)
Now for todays tidbit: I thought I would do every once in a while a post about a product that failed me and a product that is just simply my favourite ( for a long time ).
In this post the failure has to be the NYC Smooch Proof LipStain. I had doubts even when I bought it because it just looked like a felt pen. I tried it out first at home. The only disadvantage was that it was almost impossible to remove it...for that time. The next day I used it in school and it just had the strangest effect on my lips. It was really like I just used a felt pen. It was very wet then very dry and the colour wasn't pigmented at all, seriously the best way to describe it is that it was like a felt pen, like a little girl playing and thinking about pens as makeup, lipsticks. It wasn't a complete fail because it stayed on all day but it just wasn't working for me. However the shade, Forever Mine Wine 499 is so pretty that I am determined to get something in it. 

And moving on to my favourite product, it is a fragrance by Dolce & Gabbana called The One. My friend had it for a long time and I knew when my birthday came last year that I need to get it as well. It's a lovely, sweet scent that is for me sophisticated too. I just love it and will definitely re-purchase it when it runs out.
So what are your fails and favourites? Write them down in the comments, I would like to read about those :)
xx, Kyra

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  1. I think the perfume smells amazing ahh!

    followed you waiting for your follow back on falakhussein.blogspot.com

    1. Yes me too :)
      I am sorry there must have been something wrong with my laptop because I already followed you but now I did it again :)

  2. My favorite right now are my combat boots! they go with everything :) great post