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christmas series #1 jewelleries

Good evening! Yes I am here today with another post. I planned this series long ago but unfortunately I didn't have the time to do it until recently. It's a little christmas series that include jewelleries, nails and makeup, hair and outfit. I wanted to put it up during the holiday season, but I think it's not really useful after the 26th because then comes the New Years eve craziness - well at least for me definitely- and I only worry about my look for the party from the 27th until the 30th - kind of :D -. So I will get these posts done until the 26th. It's my first shot in this topic, and I tried my best but sorry if everything looks pretty amateur. I actually will/would wear these clothes, jewelleries and makeup and my hair in this style so it's all authentic. Enjoy the first "episode" that's all about jewelleries. I am very fond of gold so all the stuff you can see here is in this colour. Also I didn't mean to wear everything from what you see here, these are just a few options from which I can decide the eventual look. I think I will definitely wear my watch, the necklace and some rings. I haven't really decided about bracelets. Oh and earrings of course, my current favourites are the animal ones I think those are little tigers or jaguars or something.

This bracelet was a gift from my best friends for my 18th birthday, I believe it is from Bijou Brigitte. I LOVE it !

These are my favourite, basic earrings from H&M. I like to keep my earrings simple because of necklaces.

This bracelet is from Claire's

My all time favourite necklace, also from Claire's.

Also a long time favourite bracelet from Bijou Brigitte.

Rings from Bijou Brigitte.

Smaller rings from Claire's, they are actually from London. ( <3 )

My watch, I got it for my 18th birthday and I am simply obsessed with it. This is actually the first watch I am wearing almost every day ! From Bijou Brigitte.

As you can see I kind of only shop in Claire's and Bijou Brigitte and that I love gold. Yes I may be a little boring with jewelleries but believe me when I say I had my crazy, adventurous days in the area of jewelleries.
Tell me your faviourite pieces and what you're going to wear for Christmas!
xx, Kyra

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