2013. december 8., vasárnap

christmas calendar

Hey guys! :) I am sick but even this cold wasn't enough to keep me away from the blog! Here's todays first post ( hopefully not the last ) that is about something Christmassy, again. I am just obsessed with everything christmas-related and I kind of like suprises so the Christmas calendar is right up my alley. We have ones that my grandmother made and the reindeer "theme" is adorable in my opinion. Me and my brother hang it out every year but last year I didn't want to have mine filled, I am so happy now I changed my mind. Although I kind of get bored of chocolate after a while and I also feel guilty for eating it every day because it is not good for my face as ( it gives me break-outs ) but this year my parents found out something pretty good. The little packages are filled with sweets and some little presents. Like the other day there were nail stickers ( snowflakes ) in it and I also peeked at another and there are some nice stuff like a paper that says I can go to the cinema as a present. It just made my day and I think it's a very clever and creative idea, so I am really excited to open the packages up every day. Well done mom and dad! :)

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  1. Lovely :)

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  2. Super cute!!